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Nutressa was started by my wife, me, and our great chef, healthy and diet food specialised, who wanted a better and healthy way in food consuming for diet, kids and diseases. After a lot of hard work Nutressa was born - Premium diet catering that show of the art of cuisine, tasty side of healthydiet food and deliver directly to you by Nutressa courier team. It's our dedication to find the highest quality ingredients.

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  • Head Office
    Jl. Haji Nawi Raya 45 B Blok B4
    Jakarta Selatan
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    +62 21 27081666
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The secret to great tasting healthy food is creativity so our specialised kitchen team's mission is to discover exciting favours and create delicious new combination that will delight your taste bud. it's not just the unique combinations and favours that make our food taste great, it's our dedication to fnd the highest quality ingredients with a little touch of art.

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  • It's amazing for diet program, maintain your weight and also diseases, our products are healthy, portion and calories controlled also taste super too. Giving you a lot of healthy benefts and helping you avoid foods that are bad for you.
  • With more than 100 menus - combination in every each package, our foods are rich nutrients like protein, satisfying carbohydrate to keep you going all day long without worried about your body weight - it's healthy diet food program, from pure fruit to healthy treat - our huge variety (100 menus with many of nutressa box combinations) means there's always something different to try so you will never get bored.
  • We carefully choose and use variety of natural, wholesome and nutritious ingredients to make sure your nutressa packages are as healthy and delicious as diet food program.
  • Every nutressa package is perfectly balanced portion - enough to satisfy and keep you full, but still can lose or maintain your weight depends on nutressa package you picked.
  • Our service is designed to fit around you. Don't like an ingredient? just call our nutressa consultant team and you'll never receive it. Worried about waiting at home or office for your delivery? Don't be, nutressa courier team will arrive right in front of your door on time. Need to stop your nutressa package deliveries? No problem, easily stop and start your deliveries by call our nutressa consultant team. Whether the issue you can always call us and our nutressa consultants team will be happy to help.
  • Free delivery by nutressa courier team
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At Nutressa we have 6 kind of cuisine with more than 100 menus - combination in every each package

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  • Call Us
    Our consultant will guide you and give the information of each nutressa amazing product for your diet, disease and kids program.
  • Choose your package / program
    Choose the package / program that suits for you whether your goal is to maintain your weight, lose your weight or to live a healthy life.
  • Ordering
    Ordering is simple. You choose a package that suits you and tell us where the delivery address and payment details by call our consultant. Then all you have to do is sit back and wait to enjoy your package when it arrives, simple as that.!
  • Delivery
    Nutressa courier team will arrive right in front of your door on time, twice a day at lunch and dinner. Need to stop your nutressa package deliveries? No problem, easily stop and start your deliveries by call our consultant . Need to change the delivery address? its easy, just call our consultant one day before your delivery. Whether the issue you can always call us and our consultants team will be happy to help.
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20 - 24 May 2019

Monday tuesday wednesday thursday Friday
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Strict Lose Weight (SLW)

Special diet program designed for a significant weight loss 5-10 kg in one month and carefully sourced and nutritionist approved. Our strictest package with our most nutrient dense foods to give you a natural boost. This package will be made from the most wholesome ingredients (olive oil, herbs, zero fat etc) and will be minimally processed.

Medium Lose Weight (MLW)

This program is designed for those who want to lose 2-4 kg in one month, carefully sourced and nutritionist approved.

Maintain Your Weight (MYW)

All our lowest calorie nibbles, everything's between 750 and 800 calories and nothing tastes like diet food. Great if you’re maintain your weight


This program is the best solution for most illness such as obesity, diabetic, cholesterol, and even cancer.


This program is designed for kids, no junk food, healthy food inside and made from the most wholesome ingredients.


5050266127 a/n Maria Rosaria

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MSG is a food additive found in almost all commercially prepared and packaged food. It supercharges the taste of food, but not in the way you would think. MSG operates on the brain, fooling it into thinking food tastes really great. MSG is an excitotoxin in the brain, meaning that it over stimulates the brain causing the production of excessive amounts of dopamine. This creates a drug-like rush that provides a brief sensation of well being. It is highly addictive, causing its consumers to keep coming back for more and end up overeating. In the process, brain cells are destroyed.

Thats why here at nutressa we don't use MSG at all, but we use fruit, vegetables, beef broth, chicken broth, fish broth, mixed up with special herb to produce nutressa special broth with highest ingredients, healthy-tasty diet food.

Organic Rice Close

at Nutressa we use organic matters (non pesticide) for rice and some vegetables, to maintain our customer's health and diet program.

Extra Virgin Oil Close

At Nutressa we use Extra virgin oil for salad, strict lose weight diet program and nutressa life program.

But we also use olive oil for our others diet package program.

Some benefit of extra virgin olive oil :

  • Decrease risk of heart disease.
  • Cancer prevention
  • Good for your skin
  • Decrease cholesterol

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We use halal foods and ingredients, foods that are allowed to eat or drink under MUI(Majelis Ulama Indonesia).